139 Christopher Street.

ETHAN MICHELLE HOME was commissioned in 2017 to furnish and design a 2 bedroom apartment at 139 Christopher Street West Village. by Finest Furnished, a Corporate Housing Company.

We decided to lead with a Nordic/Scandinavian inspired apartment, a design that will utilize the beautiful natural light this bright apartment has to offer, give warmth in details and decor without cluttering the eye.

For the Master bedroom, we wanted a more sensual feeling and a design that will express the size of the room, which is considered large and spacious in the West Village rentals world. I believe that furniture that have a mystery to them and are made of natural materials possess great sensuality, for this I incorporated the full length mirror with its hidden hanger, the gold laser cut night stand, the wooden tray unit with just a few plants in and the tree slightly hidden behind the mirror. Adding some jewelry boxes as well. This works on the subconscious, leaving you with question marks while taking the space in and with the natural light, tropic yet elegant bedding and woven rug to your toes, you have a sensual, spacious bedroom that you will never want to leave :)

In the small bedroom, we had to make use of every inch and include functionality and practicality to the room, we did so by using a storage bed and a floor lamp that doubles as a night stand, for the design we kept the room as white and neutral as possible, only adding little elements of black and Gold to create a luxurious, sophisticated and yet relaxing design. 


Creating an inviting design that would speak to a variety of people isn’t an easy task, add to it a small budget and a tight deadline and you’re in for an adventure, however, these are the projects I enjoy most!


These are the results.