238 Madison avenue.

ETHAN MICHELLE HOME was commissioned in August 2015 to furnish and design 2 apartments at 238 Madison Ave. midtown south, NYC by Finest Furnished, Corporate Housing Company. Armed with a tightly tight budget of $3500 per apartment, ETHAM MICHELLE accepted the challenge once more.

Both apartments are endowed with higher than high ceilings and oversized original fire places. However each apartment has a unique and individual distinct character and challenges.


The converted three bedrooms, one bath loft apartment is low on light as it is facing the rear of the building. Instead of trying to flood the apartment with artificial light that would cost a hefty penny, we used this fact to guide us in the direction of the design. Combining that attitude with the knowledge that the apartment would be used by young artists and professionals, we had the luxury of going for a bold, colorful, vintage rock and roll design. The minimal lighting is dramatic and sets a tone, compliments the fabrics and decor of the apartment.


The open spaced loft apartment is flooded with light, however has no separation between apartments and is designated more to be used as a models apartments or for film productions, so the lack of privacy can be excused. However the space still needed to be functional and give a feeling of division, which was achieved by the use of canopy beds, carpeted living space and a compact cube of a dining table.


These are the results. 

One Space Loft
Vintage Loft