350 east 19th Street.

ETHAN MICHELLE HOME was commissioned in 2014 to furnish and design 2 apartments at 350 East 19th street. Gramercy Park, by Finest Furnished, a Corporate Housing Company.


Possibly influenced by the heavy and intense winter of 2014, we decided to go for a rustic, cozy and warm design, whilst keeping the apartment young and functional for its majority of students and young professional occupants.

With the use of natural materials we highlighted the gorgeous Living-room brick wall, allowing the apartments natural character to shine through in the historical and lovely Gramercy Park Neighborhood.


Designating a work space and creating a kitchen Island that is useable as a breakfast table as well, we created a functional and inviting design that speaks to a variety of young professionals in need for a short-term home in NYC.


These are the results.