ETHAN MICHELLE HOME is a boutique interior design service and blog founded in 2012 with pure care by Michelle Tam, a New York based artist and single mother.

Motivated and Inspired by her first born, Ethan, Michelle put words into action. Armed with special friends and family, a strong aesthetic eye, attention to detail and a true love for art, design and individuality, ETHAN MICHELLE HOME was born. 


ETHAN MICHELLE HOME provides individual and corporate services for every budget to the average New York City inhabitant. It is our vision to provide a beautiful, functional and personally designed home to our clients, focusing on each individual’s unique lifestyle, taste and specific needs within their affordable budget. 

Michelle goes to great lengths to familiarize her self with the client, his needs and wants and abilities, that is the key to her success and costumer satisfactory, it is the basis to every design. Combining this information with her experienced understanding of the ambitious nature of most NYC inhabitants, who are “Dressing for the job they want”, ETHAN MICHELLE HOME is sure to make your house a home within any budget. Select clients will receive a complimentary presentation of their apartment in ETHAN MICHELLE HOME’s Blog with a personal story-shoot, created in collaboration of individual talented designers and artists, led by Michelle’s specific vision and taste.

ETHAN MICHELLE HOME has furnished over 30 apartments in NYC and growing, all within affordable budgets.


ETHAN MICHELLE HOME takes pride in treating our patrons the way you yourself would like to be treated and provides each and every one with a beautiful home full of personal touches and attachments that will compliment your unique NYC journey.