Light and Nature go a long way

When I am staging or designing an apartment, I find that the easiest and most effective way to illuminate the apartment is with the use of light and Nature.

It doesn’t matter where we are from in the world, I believe that we all have a connection to nature. A simple well placed plant can make a room feel brighter, warmer, calmer, and even more expensive. Flowers have a way of making us feel connected, their smell, their color, their height. Same goes for lighting, there is a lighter feeling we get in a well lite room. The right lighting can complement or even create a sensual bedroom, a modern living space, a romantic and lively dining experience, and widen hallways.

When we are lucky and get to work with apartments that possess an already given great flow of natural light, plants or any kind of nature (stone furniture, wooden art, etc.) really help to accentuate the light and give a spacious, luxurious, well thought out-harmonious vibe.

However, in New York City, more often than not, natural light is not a main feature, neither are trees peeking from our windows, so the use of the above mentioned are a great and affordable way to upgrade your space, especially under a budget.

Something May. A client tailored floral boutique company, that puts a focus on seasonal availability to bring to life the true feeling of the city and its changing landscape. Each arrangement is personally crafted to the individuals standards and taste.The flower arrangement shown in the picture above, was made by our go to flurists,

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