Capturing Memories

There are some moments in life that need to be treasured.

Holiday cheer is upon us coming fall, and there are so many events and moments to be captured and shared. Personally, I believe that there is nothing like a visual to keep a memory alive, that is why I invest in a professional photo-shoot for myself and family at least once or twice a year.

Trust me when I say this, our daily selfies and phone pictures will not stand the test of time, even now if you look at photos you took on your phone from 4 years ago, you can see how many details are lost and the poor quality compared to your current phone pictures, and this will continue to happen, I am all for phone pics, however, unless you are a ‘Kardashian’ and your selfies make worldwide circulation as a coffee table book, I say, stick to a professional photographer for special events and mile stones.

I know, I know, now-a-days it is a trend to get your own equipment, and that’s great to have, however, I still believe that the experience of preparing and getting ready for a shoot, having a professional and experienced eye take the pictures, is like nothing else and it shows. Here are my photos from past years, the most beautiful memories I have, and I am so glad I have captured them all, they carry so many feelings and memories. click here to view my personal gallery.

These are my go-to-no-brainer photographers:

David Zimand has a special talent for capturing ordinary mundane activities and making them feel so powerful and full of purpose, timeless. His experience speaks for itself and is so easy, quick and reliable.

Michelle McSwain is that original eye, out of the box personality to help capture all those unnoticed treasures. She is the first to climb a tree in the middle of a safari in Africa to get that perfect unique Shot. Young spirited and fun.

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