Making walls talk.

Here is a very useful, simple and fun design tip for everyone's home, in connection with my last article on capturing memories.

This is guaranteed to be a conversation piece.

Designate a wall in your home (most likely a hallway wall), Pic one to four photos from each photo-shoot, frame them in different sizes, and hang them on the wall sporadically.

Keep doing this until your wall is full of life.

To add an extra personal touch, keep an eye out for unique frames, so that too has meaning.

To go a step further, take a pictures of your apartment, and place them in a special photo album.

I try to keep a coffee table photo album of all the apartments I lived in, I take photos of the finished result of all my apartments and keep them.

Don’t LAUGH! In todays’ world of high priced urban living, traveling and living all around the world, almost all of us have moved homes at least 4 to 10 times in our lives, and these homes carry memories. These homes represent how we have grown and evolved in our lives, in our tastes and preferences.

Our home is a family member too, don’t forget that. A family member that is there with us, sharing every special moment and event, these small little project helps to keep those mile stones alive, and perhaps when we are older, we will be able to sit down and show our grandkids how our lives evolved.

Maybe these walls could talk...

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