Mixing Old with New

On December 2015, Ethan Michelle Home interior decorating services were commissioned by a beautiful family of three, to upgrade their two bedroom apartment in Columbus Circle, NYC.

Here is the challenge, there is a sentimental attachment to a beaten down brown leather lounge chair, even though one of the “Hell No” colors is Brown.

I decided to not address the lounge chair as Brown, rather as leather. Materials and Textures, that’s the key to unifying these elements. In result we got a silver cowhide rug, a wood base floor lamp and silver crocodile night stands. The lounge chair now is a huge part of the design and elevates the room, adds a vintage authenticity to it.

I am really happy with the results and as I’ve mentioned before, I love a Challenge!

I did not get a professional shoot for this apartment unfortunately, but I did receive a very cute text from my clients, which really means everything :)

“Oh Michelle. A...maz...ing! We love it. Our jaws dropped to the floor as we walk thru the apartment. I've never seen ???? soooooooooo excited, and to ???? and me it feels more like home now than ever. Let's talk tomorrow. For now, I'll just say THANK YOU. After a crazy day, we're finally sitting back and admiring the entirely of our new home. We really love it, Michelle. You are an amazing person and designer. We have a little something for you. Would you mind resending your address? Have a safe trip, and see you when you get back! P.s. the end tables are beautiful....pictures soon :)”

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