Mad world, MAD House

I make an effort at least once a month to expand my mind and imagination in the creative sense by going to museums, art galleries, exhibitions, and anything visually stimulating that can assist me and inspire me to think our of the box and explorer new horizons. Often I take my son with me.

This past week we went to The MAD Museum, on view now is an exhibition designed by collaborative artists Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel, and produced by their Belgian atelier, Studio Job. And it BLEW my mind. Featuring a total of 57 works from the last 15 years, the show, titled “Studio Job: MAD HOUSE,” is their first solo exhibition in an American museum, and takes up two floors.

They reinterpreted iconic buildings, such as Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower, into crumbling sculptures and drooping desk lamps, while other pieces, such as a horse bust vacuum cleaner, explores the relationship between art and functionality and adding whimsical twists or sobering imagery to every piece. They reference both the traditional and the topical, the organic and the artificial. Due to this combination of elements, Studio Job’s style has become synonymous with the term ‘neo-gothic’.

Studio Job was founded in 2000 by Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets, They redefine the applied arts for the contemporary age. Smeets describes they designs this way: “Unlike most, we are probably not coming from Modernism. Studio Job’s contribution is that we have rediscovered a lost path. Consciously and carefully, we are positioning decorative arts in the twenty-first century. Is that design? Whatever. Is that art? Whatever, really.”

Whatever you may call this, Art or Design, I would sure want to live in it. To have a family dinner around the Train Crash table, to tell time by the Big Ben clock, to have the Monkey business chest hold my most valuables, to have the banana lamps by my bedside, and so on. Seems like a dream to live in they art, and Design.

Mind Expanded (Check), Imagination explored (Check), Visually stimulated (Check), Inspired (for sure!) Mission Accomplished, Thank you MAD museum.

I am sure this will be inspire me in my following projects.

Here are images of the Exhibition.

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