Keeping it Neutural

Neutral colors always feel safe to people, as indeed they are, Most people have an intimate relationship with color that makes it an easy subject to warrant an opinion right off the bat. There's a reason most people prefer neutrals in their homes: They're usually easier to live with. Neutrals are the perennials of color, they are not subject to trends and are timeless and dependable.

The dependable side of neutrals makes it a safe choice for big-budget items like sofas and more permanent material choices, they allow flexibility and personalization over time for occupants and work well for people who want to change their accent colors frequently.

However if you play it too safe, your decor could end up going from beige to blah. Here are a few tips, ideas and thoughts to carry with you when designing your neutral space:

Patterns. A bold pattern can add instant attitude to a neutral room

Texture, texture and more texture. Rough with smooth, matte with shiny. The contrast of wooden planks and a metal table and lamp with the soft bed makes this sleep space a winner.

Incorporate rough finishes, such as wood, concrete and brick. That is the key to giving neutrals an edge.

Dimension and depth. Choose a highly saturated version of your favorite shade and use it to add dimension and depth, as with the stormy gray seen here, alongside lighter neutrals. For neutrals to work cohesively in a large, open-plan space, it’s a case of intertwining lots of similar colors, a few darker shades (in the same tone) and bright (sparingly)

Artwork. Well-chosen artwork has transformative powers. Set against a neutral backdrop, abstract prints spring to life.

Time. Live in the space first and add more color later, when you have a better feeling and understanding of the space, before making a decision on what are the most lively areas vs the areas that require some help.

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